My First Freebie Friday! Numeral Writing, ABC's of Kindergarten

Freebie Fridays

I am linking up with Freebie Friday to share a file that I use that is great for interactive boards and teaching numeral handwriting! I am sharing it as a pdf, which should be convertible to either ActivBoards or SMARTboards. I am also sharing Draft 1 of my "ABC's of Kindergarten!"

But first...
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How do you write numerals?
I use this as soon as we being numbers 0-10. It teaches the kids a simple tune to use for handwriting strokes for the numerals, and there is room on each page to write the numeral as the tune is sung. The pages are not really cutesy, i just wanted them to focus on the words for the tune and space to write, write, write! I first used this last year and the kids loved it! It is super simple but effective for getting your kids to write numerals you can read. I think I learned the tunes at an Exemplars training, maybe? Can't really remember...

You can get it here: Numeral Writing

Here is an example page: 2 is my favorite one!
 Inline image 1

ABC's of Kindergarten

This file can be adapted to meet your needs, and covers all sorts of info parents need right away! I send it home the first day of school. If you see any typos, let me know! I couldn't get all the dates in yet. :/
Download it here: ABC's of Kindergarten
Inline image 1

If you downloaded these freebies, leave me some comment love please! I love hearing from ya'll!

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Mrs. Clancy said...

I love the number poems and I LOVE the idea of the ABC's of your classroom. I have to think about doing something like that for my parents! Thanks Melissa

Carol Cobb said...

Thanks, Melissa! Enjoy!

michkenney said...

Thank you for sharing the number poems!

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