Monday Made It #3

Hi everybody! I am so excited by the growth of how many followers I have this month. Ya'll are keeping me motivated to keep making stuff this summer, since my Monday Made It posts have been so popular. This week, I have a freebie included! 
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Now for all my projects of the past week. I'll go from the quickest to the hardest, how's that?
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 4th Grade Frolics!

1. Blackboard Configuration File: 

This holds standards, essential questions/ HOTS, and vocabulary! Right at your fingertips! The bin came from Target and is tough melamine - hopefully it will hold up for years to come! I have the dividers and all the contents laminated and for the standards and eq's will have velcor on the back to attach them to color coded by content area ribbons - you'll see what I mean when I do my big classroom reveal really soon! School starts in two weeks!
If you are looking for these to print, Deanna Jump has the standards and questions made beautifully- so worth the low cost she is charging. I got the divider labels off her blog, too.
 Greg from Kindergarten Smorgasboard has cute vocabulary. I haven't printed those yet, I am hoping a lot of my already printed out vocabulary cards will still match Common Core standards! I have bought them just in case I need them, though!

2. Poster to store library cards in

Pretty basic, but isn't it pretty?

3. First Week Name Tags

These clip on their shirts, and each one looks totally different. Got the file from Kindergarten Crayons. Love it! The ID holders came from Walmart, total cost was about $8. I am having my husband heat seal them closed for me, then writing their names with a sharpie on the outside. It's a good, solid plastic and I should be able to clean them off later, right?

4. Goo to write on!

This is simply dollar store hair gel and food coloring in a ziploc bag, heat sealed shut, then packing taped shut too! Like my happy face? 

5. Transportation Home Banner --- and Freebie!
This is not quite done, I need to laminate it and attach to a ribbon. I will have the student's names on clothespins and attach those the the right circle. Transportation changes made easy! I had a good time cutting the flowers and circles with my beloved cricut. Get the file with the text and images HERE

While I was in my craft room making this stuff, I thought I'd show you the hot mess of a room that it is! It is the bonus room over my garage. When we bought our house two years ago, I claimed it as my crafting zone and LOVE having so much room to sprawl my projects out! Maybe one day I can actually make it look good with consistent shelving, cute bins, good lighting...a girl can dream, right?

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Ok, now I think I may be late to have my stitches out of my thumb, BYE!
Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb


Amanda said...

Okay I am severely jealous that you have a crafting room! HOW AWESOME!! My crafting room is currently.. my coffee table, half the couch, dining room table, living room floor... and the dining room floor. Haha. I definitely want to make goo bags! I have everything for them, just need to put them together! Yours turned out cool.

Reaching for the TOP!

Kim said...

Your ideas are great! I would love to have a copy of the transportation banner. However, I'm unable to downlaod it in Google Docs. If possible, please send me a copy.
Many thanks,

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