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I could not resist linking up with this! I have been pinning ideas like a mad-woman this week, and hope you will also enjoy some of these wonderful ideas. You can click my pinterest button on the sidebar or right here to follow my many boards. 

I have been working on organizing them this week!

I picked eight goodies to share, because eight is my favorite number! :) All the pics link to my pin, where you can then hop on over to the marvelous sources.

Have parents add transportation clip!

I have had open house on my brain, trying to think of how I can make it both fun and efficient. I love how this idea has the parent go ahead and clip the child's transportation on my transportation clipchart (you can get the text/ graphics I use as a FREEBIE. 

Helps them understand the difference between city, state, country etc.

How stinkin' cute is this?? The "where do you live" standard is a BEAST for my kids, so maybe this adorable craftivity will help?

SImple trick for getting kids to hold their pencil right
Oh my word, I pray this will work. Getting some kids to hold a pencil right can seem impossible! I totally tried this out myself though and they're right - it leaves you only one option for how to hold onto the pencil. I can imagine a kid finding a way around this trick eventually though...*sigh*

On the topic of writing materials...
crayon heart

My heart is melting just looking at this - right?!? LOVE.

I love this idea! I remember getting one of these from one of my teachers when I was in elementary school! Great idea to give out during an open house or even mail home to parents!
I am definitely going to write a meet the teacher letter this year. 
Might have to sneak in a picture of my handsome pug. :)

seat pockets for preschool and kindergarten via from book covers! Aha!

Genius. 'Nuf said. When are book covers going on sale??

Elkonin boxes...from paint sample cards
Another way to use paint samples! Lovely! 
If you are craving guided reading ideas, you really must go see the post I pinned this idea from. It was incredible! 


Ok, ok...not a teaching idea...but it does make me smile!
Did you like the star numbers I used in this post? I have Ashley Hughes to thank for the graphics - her recent freebie celebration week was AMAZING!

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lola said...

Love your pins! The pug shoes make me laugh. :) I am a new follower, too!
Preschool Wonders

Carol Cobb said...

Hi Lola! Welcome and thanks for following! I think my pug needs pug shoes. :)

Jess said...

Found your blog through the linky! Always great to find new friends!

From Blood to Books!

Jen Elliott said...

We are favorite number twins! Yay 8!! :)

Jen's Kinder Kids

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