Have you ever made your own playdough?

Somehow I got hired as a Kindergarten teacher AND taught for a full year without ever in my life making playdough. That changed yesterday!

 My Grandma is the craft and kid's projects extraordinaire of the family, and thank God she lives 5 minutes from me. Yesterday I headed to her kitchen for a playdough cooking lesson! I needed enough for my whole class, in primary colors. We did a color mixing project while singing Heidisongs for colors today. Then, they took their own dough home. My children left school today in a state of glee and looking at me like I was Santa Claus or something. Haha!

So, here are some pictures of me cooking the playdough. Just to warn you all, I EPIC fail at remembering the existence of cameras during school hours, so I have nothing to show of the actual lesson. *sad sigh* I think I need a parent volunteer to come in and act as a photographer? Would that help me?

Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb