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I have been eager to link up for Monday Made-It, 

 4th Grade Frolics!

but this week crafting happened on a Thursday night. I am really excited about the things I made, so I wanted to go ahead and share! I had a couple friends over, Danielle and Carrie, who were redecorating some Converse's to be Doctor Who shoes.

Doctor Who shoes from the back...
Danielle and Carrie showing off the shoes!
Me painting away! I love painting! :)

 I figured it was the perfect time to knock out some of my to-do list classroom craft projects! Check out my four projects below and then tell me which one you'd like to make for your classroom. 

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Match Game - 2 Game Boards!

Just starting to paint the leaves in...

For this project, I used poster board, pretty paint, and shiny letter stickers from the Target Dollar Spot! My students will draw a token with a letter sticker on it and place it on the matching letter on the tree if they can name the letter and/or sound.
Here is how I made it: 
  1. Draw the tree in pencil.
  2. Paint the leaves a few different solid shades of green.
  3. Paint the trunk dark brown. Put coconuts around for a border!
  4. Let dry, then add A-Z stickers all over the tree!
  5. Add A-Z stickers to tokens (I need to go grab some of my red/yellow two sided tokens from my classroom. I'll have stickers on the red side for one game board, yellow side for the other game board.

Magnetic Ten Frames

Target not only had great letter stickers, they also had these magnetic rectangles in the Dollar Spot. I saw them and instantly knew what I would turn them into!
1. Take off the existing ribbon.
2. Cut a roll of beautiful duck tape in about 1/4 inch stripes. If you can slit through a couple layers with a razor, it will rip that width for awhile! I got my dear husband to do that, I am too clumsy! Aww, Rosco's cute little pug tail made it in this picture!

3. Apply duck tape across the middle, evenly spaced, four times short-ways. It's ok if it is not cut perfectly straight, the wobbliness is kinda cute!

4. Apply duck tape down the middle long ways.

5. Make a duck tape border, folding over on to the back. Ta-da!
6. You can use whatever magnets you like, but I got these shiny stones that I am applying magnets to the back of, once I find some magnets...

I will be putting three of these under my calendar and we'll make the date on them. 
Here is today's date, and the beautiful new border that will be going on my bulletin boards!

 July 13th!

We'll use the other one during number talks to show what we think the number is that I flash to them on a ten frame. Examples....
My favorite number:

Funky Five:

What do you think? Cute or what??? I LOVE these!

Pencil Bucket UPGRADE!

Again at Target in the Dollar Spot, I found a big fat pencil bucket with my favorite color on the bottom. Otherwise pretty bland though. I knew I'd be picking up ribbon to match my new color scheme though, so this pencil bucket got a facelift!
New Color Scheme!
Bucket + Ribbon= beautiful!
First I hot glued ribbon flat around it. Then, I consulted youtube for how to make a cute little bow.
I hot glued the bow on. Now I am keeping my eyes peeled for a just right accent to go above the bow. Or I might leave it as is. 

A simple quick project - Puzzle Baggies

This really does not equal a craft project, but if you struggle with maimed puzzle boxes, try cutting out the image of the completed puzzle from the box, and then stick it and all the pieces in a ziploc bag. Slider bags are really the best. Target has these puzzles in, you guessed it! the Dollar Spot.

Ya'll don't forget to chip in some ideas for my TPT giveaway here: calendar-dilemma-upcoming-giveaway
Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb


Cindy Solomon said...

Cute ideas! Love the magnetic tens frames. Guess I will have to go check out the Dollar spot and see what I can find.

Blog Stalker

Ms. Kerri said...

Love your crafts. The magnetic ten frames are so cool. I'm your newest follower.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten

Kimberlee :) said...

the ten frames are precious!!! I was at Target the other day & did not see any at ours... maybe I can check again soon!! Thanks for sharing:)

~ Kimberlee ~

Two Fulbright Hugs

Tara said...

Wow! You have been busy! So glad you could link up:) Love your magnetic ten frames!!! Thanks for sharing;)

4th Grade Frolics

Miss R said...

I bought that same bulletin board border! Love it!! :)

Miss R's Room

Carol Cobb said...

I am choosing colors for everything else I put in the room based on that gorgeous border, haha! Like, I really ought to clip a little bit of it off to carry in my wallet all the time. Would that be crazy??

Miss Kindergarten said...

What an adorable idea!!! And I am obsessed with all of that polka dotted ribbon!

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