How to Easy Peasy Text Parents!

Happy Wednesday! Very Happy Indeed!
I just found out that I will be getting my blog redesigned and am SO EXCITED! I have been wanting a new look for quite awhile and now it's happening. Yes! It is being designed by Leah at:
Learning 4 Keeps Design

So yes, happy day!

I have not only been busy trying to finish a massive case study for my last grad school class, but also learning about a cool tool for texting parents. It's!

I made a presentation to teach teachers how to get started with remind101 that I will share with my school next week, but I thought you all would like to see it too! So here ya go!

I also made a small poster that I will post at open house and some forms for parents to let me know if they have signed up for remind101 or not. Here is a peek at the poster:

I used frames from Lovin Lit and a font from KindergartenWorks - I think it turned out cute!


If you want a copy of my poster and form for parents, please do 2 things:
1. Follow my blog! You wouldn't want to miss future goodies, right?
2. Leave me a comment with how you follow, how you'd use, and your email address so I can email you the file for the little poster and form! :)
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Giveaways Week of 7/29

Here are all the giveaways I have entered this week:
(ok...just one so far...)
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Monday Made It: Chart Stands

Over the weekend, my marvelous husband helped me build a new clip chart stand and repair a broken pocket chart stand. I am so pleased with the results! Read on to learn how we made these stands awesome!

Behavior Management Clip Chart Stand

I got this new behavior management clipchart from Teaching with Love and Laughter. You can actually get he beautiful clipchart on her facebook page as a Freebie - isn't she sweet?!? Her TPT store is HERE where you can get calendars to go with the clipchart. You can also click the button below to visit her blog. But before you go, read on to see how I solved the problem of having no good wall space in my classroom to hang my new clipchart!

What I wanted to make was a free-standing, sturdy, non-topple-over-able stand. My husband and I went to Lowes and bought a 5 gallon plastic bucket with a lid, two 1x2x8' wooden poles, and sand. We cut the two poles tall enough to stand in the bucket and hang the clipchart from them, with support beams going across. We also put a piece of wood flat on the bottom to help hold it steady. Then, the bucket will have sand added, lid snapped on, and ta-da there you have a clip chart stand! We made it in maybe 30 minutes? That included dig out the tools and remember how to load the staple gun time. This design is SO sturdy! My husband was like "Can I make and sell these?!?" Can't wait to see how it looks in my classroom. I do still want to paint the wood blue and am considering covering the bucket where it says "Lowes." Spray paint, maybe? Duct tape?

Repair a Pocket Chart Stand

I had purchased this clothing rack to use as a pocket chart stand three years ago. It was only about $35 and handy to grab at my local Walmart. Last year, the plastic joints failed and the whole stand would come crashing down! It was awful! My husband can fix anything with a drill though, I think! So, I recruited his help to repair it, because I don't want to buy another one!
Here is the equivalent rack that Walmart sells now (click the pic to check it out): Rolling Adjustable Garment Rack
First he drilled holes in the top piece so the vertical bars could be secured inside the metal pole running across the top. 

Then he put screws through the plastic support bars on the bottom so they cannot pop back out:

This was where I had tried to fix part of it with masking tape (all I had in my classroom handy):

I covered that damaged, cracked part with pretty teal duct tape! This was purely a cosmetic touch, though!

Now I could just about hang from this pocket chart stand because it is so well stuck together! See, broken things can be fixed! Yay! That saves me some money!

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Rosco the Pug Loves Ice Cream

Today I reached 101 followers - I am so excited! To celebrate, here is a post to make you laugh! Sorry this has nothing to do with teaching whatsoever, but it is my beloved pug being ridiculous. Enjoy!

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Freebie Friday: Number Recognition Progress Monitoring Form

Today I am trying out a new linky - Freebie Friday! 

Number Recognition Progress Monitoring Form

The item I have for you today is something I use for progress monitoring number recognition with numbers to 20. Simple directions are included in the download, which you can access by clicking the picture below:
I love this recording form! I hope you find it helpful. I am sharing it as a .doc so you can edit the date on the top as needed. I store all my progress monitoring for all my RTI kids in one binder with pocket dividers. Forms like this go after a child's divider, and their divider pocket holds extra assessment materials (like flashcards or the form I have to use per the district for listing each week's results). I will share more about that when I get the binder set for the new school year.
Freebie Fridays

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Setting up My Kindergarten Classroom, Day 1

Today, I finally caved.
I went and started setting up my classroom for the new year!

Getting Started...

I meant to take pictures before getting started, but was apparently so excited that I forgot! These pictures are from maybe 30 minutes into working. 
Here is what will be my carpet whole-group area. There used to be a gutter shelf at the base of the wall that disappeared over the summer. It was pretty dilapidated, but I am going to have to rethink some storage with it gone.

This is the view from the doorway. I have most furniture in lace, except a couple book shelves. We cover everything with butcher paper for the summer, it's like Christmas unwrapping everything! Haha!

This is the view from the right window in the picture above. Notice the missing letter on the alphabet. It is just GONE! I guess I will be replacing that alphabet? That is where my sight word word wall goes under that alphabet.

Later Today...

Ok, now the rest of these pictures are after everything is back in their places and unwrapped. I am so excited about my new seat sacks!! See them on the blue chairs? Those came from Target and were only $1 each! If you try this idea, be sure you get the JUMBO size. 

Here is a close-up of one of the seat sacks. The folder and library book fit snuggly, yet easy enough to get in and out. I am thinking I will put their pencil case in there too along with an alphabet strip and name tag. Their name tag could actually go on top of the folder! Ahh, the possibilities! More to come on the seat sacks in the future, I assure you! I'll make a "Seat Sack Tour" post - how does that sound?

The next two pictures mostly show that while I did put furniture back, I also unpacked some and made a mess! That's just how it goes though, right? I will be back tomorrow to work even more, especially on unpacking stuff shoved in cabinets and hanging my new alphabet and numbers. I guess the spring butterflies can come down now, too. :/

I mentioned the lovely Target Book covers turned seat sacks, so I wanted to remind you that you could win a $10 Target giftcard from me in Desiree's 200 Follower Celebration Giveaway - Have you entered yet?? If not, here ya' go:
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Giveaways Week of 7/22 and the Two Week Countdown

Hello all!
After a buy last couple of weeks of visiting family, starting my last graduate school class (yay!!!), and moving my grandpa into assisted living, I am back!

Two things for you today:

1. It's my two-week countdown to the end of summer! I will be busy busy busy the next two weeks preparing my classroom and I plan to share my endeavors with you. :)
2. I am contributing a goodie for my friend Desiree's 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway! Check out the details at the end of this post!

Two Week Countdown

             I have a short two weeks of summer left! Two! So, I am finally slowing down the pinning and surfing for ideas, and springing into action on my t-do list. Today, I was going to get started moving furniture back in place in my classroom but, alas, the floors were about to be waxed in the main hallway so I only had enough time to unload a few boxes of stuff and pick up all my back to school files and stuff.

  • First up on my to-do list from that pile is cleaning off permanent marker written names off various little items like the cupcakes I decorate my door with and the clip-on name tags for the first few days (I know I got those from someone...can't remember who!). I'll also take stock of my supplies for transportation necklaces - these are a MUST in Kindergarten to me. I can see a a glance from these how a child gets home. You can get them at teacher supply stores, and then I 10 mil laminate them for durability. They take them off for the school day and then wear them home and back to school.

  • I also need to label these pencil pouches that I am using with this cool idea you really should check out HERE! I bought a case of pouches on Amazon. They seem sturdy and durable and the price was a little over $1 per pouch. 
  • Then I will go through this pile and write my first week of school lesson plans. Joy! :)
  • Finally, there is shopping to be done, but I am really trying not to bust my budget. I will be eyeballing sales for the following items, so if you see a great deal let me know!! 
    • binder pocket dividers for homework binders
    • stretchy cloth book covers. Surely those will be $1 each sometime in the next 3 weeks right??
      • UPDATE 7/23/13 My wonderful friend Leigh spotted book covers at Target for me! There are small ones for 69 cents but I opted to get the Jumbo book covers for $1 - and was able to get 6 each of blue, green, red, and black for my color coded tables! I am SO HAPPY. You can find them in with the school supplies. I will post tomorrow about what I am using these for. :)
    • a new laminator. Mine quit heating up. Recommendations on a new one that will live longer than two years, anyone??
    • clothespins. 'cause I love clipcharts. I think I may try dying them pretty colors, too. 

Giveaways Week of 7/22

I am a contributor for Desiree's 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway! Go check out all the great prizes and enter to win. I am contributing a $10 Target card because I LOVE Target and the back-to-school stuff in the dollar spot. Maybe one day I'll have a TPT store to give items from, but for now it's gift cards to my favorite store. Good luck! Just click either image to go enter.

This next giveaway makes me hungry! I have never eaten at Chipotle, maybe I'll win a giftcard to go try it??

Win a tote bag or $10 for TPT from Down the Learning Road

Enter to win a book about GLUE from Pocket Full of Kinders- it's a giveaway on her Facebook Page -

And could win a new blog design!

Win a classroom theme pack:

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