Crate Seats and other Crafting!

The summer classroom crafting continues, albeit with help since I have a useless, bandaged thumb at the moment.*sigh* 

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 4th Grade Frolics!

Crate Seats!

This has been one my to-do list for A YEAR! So glad I got this done. There are tons of people who have posted how to do this, but here goes anyway with my take on making crate seats!
1. Buy beautiful fabric and 1/4 inch foam - I went to Joann's with coupons last week and also got 20% off with my teacher ID - sweet!
2. Wood- I got a $17 sheet of 1/4 inch plywood. Rosco the pug came along to get it and had a BLAST prancing around the local Lowes. :) Plenty of plywood leftover - what shall I make with it??
3. Crates, of course! I wanted teal colored, and Target had cute ones with circles on the sides. Perfecto!
4. Call a man with a circular saw! Unless you have 2 useable thumbs, in which case maybe you can use the saw yourself. Dear Dad cut the wood for me, he just measured, cut, tried it out, cut again (little corners had to be swooped off), and ta-da! 


5. Cut the foam to fit on top of the wood. 
6. Cut fabric about 5 inches bigger per side then the wood and foam.
7. Wrap and staple gun it all together!

8. You'll probably want some sort of handle for pulling the seat off to get to the storage - I stapled ribbon all the across the top. Pretty!

Finished Crate Seat!

Repurposing a Box:

I do a color and shape pattern to hang up a number for each day of school. To keep the shapes all ready to go, I had been keeping them in a little box that a mug came in. They fit, it worked, but was a little tacky. I finally took the time to recover the box with scrapbook paper, and labeled one side neatly. Much nicer! I love that mug, too. :)
Here is my beloved scrapbook paper pad:

The finished box, and the mug that once lived in it:

I couldn't bring myself to recover the top...

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All of your crafts look great! I have given you an award... please stop by my blog at to pick it up!

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Your crate seats turned out super cute. Hooray for for dads with circular saws!
I am a new follower.

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