Based on the illustrations alone, my favorite picture book is The Mitten.

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When it comes to making brilliant picture books, Jan Brett is amazing to me! If we are going to pick a favorite just based on illustrations, I’d say she is the best.
Why? Let’s take The Mitten for an example. 
  • The pictures of the animals and their escapade with the mitten are vivid and show fine details of each animal.
  • The borders for each page have unique patterns (math connection!).
  • Then, there are the sidebar pictures, which tell a whole different side of the story of the boy’s search for the mitten.

What’s even cooler is that Jan Brett's Website has CUTE printables to add to the fun in reading the story. I love printing out her mitten picture and having the kids do a lacing activity with it and then learning what each wintry animal looks like to color their pictures. Finally each child has the props needed to retell the story – using Jan Brett style illustrations. It’s a great way to teach the power of a picture!

Do you like Jan Brett, too? Or can you think of another super illustrator out there? I know Eric Carle is phenomenal to me, too! Use the link at the top of this post to link up with your opinion! 
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Jill said...

Jan Brett IS amazing! Her books are so intricate! I think it's kind of hard to read them aloud because I'm always pointing out the sidebars to the students and then we lose track of the actual story... haha! :)

Marvelous Multiagers!

ccobb23 said...

Exactly! There is just so much to look at! I need some Jan Brett books big book size...

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