Kirsten's Kindergarten Swap Materials

I totally got lucky the other day and made it into Kirsten's Kindergarten swap! She filled up two whole groups and bless her heart had to stop there. She is considering doing more in the future!

I am responsible for making rainbow sorting mats and playdough number mats. 

RAINBOW sorting mat:

This can be used for sorting anything colorful! The original idea was to sort colorful little letters, such as letter beads:
Grab my sorting mat here: Carol's Rainbow Sorting Mat
I am going to see if I can get it printed on poster size paper, and cut it in half to get two mats. Then I will laminate it for durability. Simple and fun!

Playdough Number Mats:

Somewhere along the way I got two tiered pdf's already good to go for this! I'll be printing the harder one to send, since realistically that is the only one I HOPE to need next year. Here it is: Playdough Number Mat - Tier 2 and here is the easier one: Playdough Number Mat - Tier 1. Or, if you prefer, I made a new pdf with two number cards per page! Two Per Page Number Mats. I have no idea where I got these, maybe I made them a long itme ago?? No idea. But their presence in my extensive yet neatly organized dropbox files pleases me greatly!

Now that I have the files, it's time to get busy printing and chopping!

Thanks for visiting my blog! 
-Mrs. Cobb


Heather Shelton said...

Love the rainbow sorting mat. I am your newest follower.
Mrs. Shelton’s Kindergarten

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