Target Dollar Spot

Check out my finds at the dollar spot today:

 Reward Stickers, Number and Alphabet Puzzles, and Phineas and Ferb Puzzles! Sweet!

I also included in this photo my free paint stirrers from Home Depot (I use these as name plates velcroed to my tables) and will also be using them this coming year in my classroom library to sort my books. Check out the kindergartenworks blog to see the plan I intend to follow. It'll be beautiful!

I also scored the paint in the top left corner for 3 bucks - it's a little shiny for my purposes, but blue is my color in my classroom, so it'll be just dandy for the binder cubby shelf my dear husband will surely get around to building soon. I really need to develop some carpentry skills for myself.

Congratulations to Leigh for being my 1st blog follower - one of the puzzles in the picture is for you. Giveaway! Aren't blogs fun?
Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb


Hadar said...

Great finds! The alphabet and number match-ups are my favorite :)

Miss Kindergarten
Target Treasures

ccobb23 said...

They look great don't they!? My kids LOVE puzzles. I hope they watch Phineas and Ferb so they'll like that one too.

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