Ok, this is NOT teaching related. But if you're going to follow my blog, I gotta introduce you to Fred!
Fred with a water hyacinth on his shell.
This is in my Breakfast room. The painting in the middle over the tank was made by my Mom, the two outside paintings are made by me!

Real Water Hyacinths! This was the day after I put them in...they are well nibbled now.

The whole set-up. The land side is actually a filtration system.

Fred on his sun bathing spot.

Fred and Buster (we were dog-sitting Buster)
Fred is a Painted Turtle a fact I recently learned from the person I got him from 5 or so years ago. 
He is crazy! He goes nuts when you go look at him, and if you move your finger along the glass, he tries to bite it! You'd think a turtle would be a dull pet, but not this turtle!
I need to learn how to post video of just how crazy he is.

Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb


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