The Back to School Bug.....

......Has bitten me! I'll be going back to set up my room next week and putting in all the lovely treasures I've collected this summer. I can't wait to take pictures and share!
I'm making myself try to be a little lazy this week, but I was out last night spray painting paint stirrer sticks for my name tags on the tables and some to use in dividing different types of books in my classroom collection of books.  

I've also packed my box of "ready to go back" stuff and "I should work on this" stuff. 
Things to Do - file folder games, sight words or letters on jenga blocks, caterpillar word wall cards for Phonics...
Ready to Go!

Then I have my folder on my computer of "need to print" stuff and of course my to-do list! 

Lots to do - but it's so fun!
What are your essential summer to-do list items? 
Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb


Anais Novak said...

Amen! My current to do list reads: 1. spray paint chair 2. make seats 3. finish lesson plans 4. sort books for library 5. make to do list for first day
You know it is bad when you add a to do list to your to do list.
Have a great school year!

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