How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation

I totally have failed at spending my summer the way I envisioned. I planned to read novels and play Warcraft - come on Loremaster title! 

But even after kicking off summer with a delightfully geeky weekend in Houston, it seems that most of my summer has been spend preparing for next year at school. I've added many new blogs to my google reader account, I've downloaded a crazy amount of random but awesome resources, and created a 4 page to-do list. The trouble is, I don't complete any of the to-do list. 

Take today for example. I wake up at 8 AM because I am dog-sitting and Buster is ready for his morning pee/poo walk. While outside, I look at my cluttered, messy garage. Yuck. I immediately go and clean it all up - by 9:45 I've taken a carload of junk to the dump and my garage looks a million times better. 

Then I come in and put eggos in the toaster oven, and while they cook I notice my messy dining room! I end up rearranging a ton of holiday stuff from one cabinet to another, all for the sake of clearing a spot for a gigantic pot my husband bought to brew beer in. 

Then, I finally sat down and ate my cold eggos! While eating, I alternated between cleaning up my email, posting things wanted and for sale on freecycle and our local selling yahoo group, checked my blog stats curiously, and of course ended up reading blogs! 

It's now noon and I have neither read a novel or played Warcraft. But my house is cleaner, I have downloaded a cool science lesson plan, and maybe I'll have propane tanks sold by the end of the day. 

Haha! Today is a pretty typical summer day.

What I love is that I get to do whatever I decide I'd like to do - and there is no trouble or stress over anything! Except maybe stress about getting bitten by spiders while driving that nasty stuff to the dump. I swear I saw one that looked just like a black widow - Arghhhhhhh! I lived though. Life's Good!

Is this anything like your summer? Or am I just peculiar?
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-Mrs. Cobb


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