My Target Finds of the Week!

Gradually my local Target is getting some of the lovely finds I've seen other bloggers rave about. Here is what I got this week, and my ideas for each:

Stamps and ink pads! I honestly thought they had bigger stamps - these are only about 1/4" square (that's a guesstimate, by the way). I will have kids stamp out sight words, spell simple phonics words, and do letter ordering activities with these. All the sheets I'd use with these I have downloaded from other blogs - those awesome people you can see in my blogroll to the left! I want to find some hardware drawers like this to store all my variety of letter stamps inside of, but ideally one with all the same size drawers. What do you store yours in?:

For these smiley stickers, I'll cut the sheets apart so each child has 2-3 colors to work with - and they will show off their patterning skills! I love using these as a guide: "I Can Make a Pattern" FREEBIE! They help the child visualize the part that repeats. I print two pages per sheet when using small stickers. 

 Letter Stickers. I think these would be fun for using as names on the cupcake glyph I will have them make early in the school year. Their name will go on the "icing."  The glyph can be downloaded here: Cupcake Glyph. Here is how it could look:
I am doing a cupcake theme on my classroom door. At Open House, it will say, "Look Who's Here for a SWEET Year!" and have cupcake cut-outs that I purchased with the children's names on them. I am going to laminate those before I put the names on so I'll be able to do this same door every year. After the cupcake glyphs are done, they'll be swapped out for the plain name ones. I'll probably go ahead and clean them off and put them away.

I got red and blue star pointers too - they'll be kept in my Big Books Center. I've really got to expand my collection of pointers. :( I am going to use a coffee can to store them, unless I find something better. 

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-Mrs. Cobb


Mrs. Coe said...

Great stuff!

Anais Novak said...

A great way to make pointers is to buy the already painted (small) wood shapes and then a pack of small dowels from your local craft store. The shapes are 59 cents and a pack of dowels are 1.99 for 12. All you have to do is hot glue them together.I do this every year because I like to change the theme of the pointers. I'll post some pics in a day or two. I was school shopping today...tired:)
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