Carol's Sunday Smorgasboard: July 7th

I have read a few fabulous bloggers I follow posting these Sunday Smorgasboard posts, and thought to myself today that I have had a delightfully random week - why not link up??

The highlight of the week was definitely celebrating the 4th of July with friends in the geekiest way possible. It was super rainy here in Georgia, yet we still stubbornly went swimming in the rain. Then, we gathered around the kitchen table for some geeky gaming time: we played an awesome Marvel super heroes deck building game called Legendary:

The scenario we played involved protecting a "baby" from the evil villians. To remember which villian had the "baby," we enlisted the help of this epic Transformer! Hehe!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE playing games with friends. Usually at some time while playing I think about how much I love teaching my kinders skills with fun games. Last year's group was all about the classic card game of "Go Fish!" We use the Saxon Phonics curriculum and the kids would play go fish where they matched picture cards to word cards. Simple? Yes. Fun? Absolutely!

In the spirit of gaming love, check out these links: (rule ideas and some cards you can print out for different skills - and FREE!!) : If you scroll down to the review weeks, there are "Go Fish" card sets for every 20 Dolch Words. I send these home with students to play with their parents and use them at school. 
Finally, not free but how CUTE?? I might have to get a set of these for numbers:


On Wednesday, Rosco the pug got his nails done. He is the biggest baby about nail grinding (can't say I blame him though, I'd spazz if you came after my nails with a Dremel grinder, too). After each successful nail grinding where success is defined as neither the pug or groomer bleeding, Rosco gets something new from the pet store. How do you like this polo?

One last ultra cute picture:

That's my baby sister! She just finished Kindergarten and my husband I took her out for Hibachi for her birthday. It was one of those hibachi grills where they cook in front of you:

And my sister just had this blank face of amusement? concern? I don't know, what do you think she's thinking:

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-Mrs. Cobb
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Bagby said...

Thanks for the follow on bloglovin! I am following you now too!

I had a rainy fourth too! Love being able to spend time with friends!

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Susan Cahalane said...

Hi! I love your pug pics! Especially the pug in pug slippers!!I just found your blog, I’m your newest follower!
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