Setting up My Kindergarten Classroom, Day 1

Today, I finally caved.
I went and started setting up my classroom for the new year!

Getting Started...

I meant to take pictures before getting started, but was apparently so excited that I forgot! These pictures are from maybe 30 minutes into working. 
Here is what will be my carpet whole-group area. There used to be a gutter shelf at the base of the wall that disappeared over the summer. It was pretty dilapidated, but I am going to have to rethink some storage with it gone.

This is the view from the doorway. I have most furniture in lace, except a couple book shelves. We cover everything with butcher paper for the summer, it's like Christmas unwrapping everything! Haha!

This is the view from the right window in the picture above. Notice the missing letter on the alphabet. It is just GONE! I guess I will be replacing that alphabet? That is where my sight word word wall goes under that alphabet.

Later Today...

Ok, now the rest of these pictures are after everything is back in their places and unwrapped. I am so excited about my new seat sacks!! See them on the blue chairs? Those came from Target and were only $1 each! If you try this idea, be sure you get the JUMBO size. 

Here is a close-up of one of the seat sacks. The folder and library book fit snuggly, yet easy enough to get in and out. I am thinking I will put their pencil case in there too along with an alphabet strip and name tag. Their name tag could actually go on top of the folder! Ahh, the possibilities! More to come on the seat sacks in the future, I assure you! I'll make a "Seat Sack Tour" post - how does that sound?

The next two pictures mostly show that while I did put furniture back, I also unpacked some and made a mess! That's just how it goes though, right? I will be back tomorrow to work even more, especially on unpacking stuff shoved in cabinets and hanging my new alphabet and numbers. I guess the spring butterflies can come down now, too. :/

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-Mrs. Cobb
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Shuna Patterson said...

I made it over! I love looking into others' classrooms! I can't wait to see it when it is all done. Thanks for stopping by my blog

Mrs. Patton said...

Looks like a great start! Love the chair back storage. :)

Check out my blog if you get the chance!

Colleen Patton
Mrs. Patton’s Patch

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