My Wishlist: Reddit Gifts for Teacher 2013

The fantastically amusing Reddit (if you are not familiar with's a social media news site) is being especially awesome right now! They are matching generous souls with needy teachers to send them care packages based on wishlists! Fellow teachers, if you want to share a wishlist,go check it out on Reddit: 

So, here is one poor teacher's wishlist. 
Dear Reddit, please help!
My two Android Tablets, plus pug hair. He thought the tablet photo shoot = pug pets time. It did. He sheds. :/ Yes, it is an old HP tablet and a nook color. Not a nook tablet actually. My husband has magic android operating system skills, I don't know how it works but it does!!
I teach all the basic subjects to Kindergarten kids, many of whom started this school year knowing barely any letters, numbers, or shapes. I have to have them reading, writing, adding and subtracting by May! To accomplish this, I LOVE to use technology and especially tablets. I have two old somewhat hacked android tablets and my Asus transformer already, but the school also just gave me two iPads to use with my students! Yay! 
What is missing, however, are good apps and tough headphones. I have bought many google play apps with my personal money for the android tablets, but as I am trying to pay off graduate school loans while saving money to start have my own kids in a somewhat fiscally responsible way... well, I just know I am going to hurt my budget buying more apps this year. Also, I will remind you I teach kindergarten and they literally EAT headphones, so I am always in need of new headphones that have not been severed by mindless chewing. 
I won't give an X amount needed because I really don't know  - so just surprise me! I am thankful for anything you could send! THANK YOU!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb
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