One Amazing Pencil Sharpener!

Hi everyone!
Pre-planning is behind me and school starts Monday! It's still a little hard to believe summer is officially over. 
With school starting back up, I knew I needed a new pencil sharpener, and was eager to try the one everyone is raving about: the interesting manual sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies. 

The graciously gave me one to review - and the following review is my unbiased opinion of their product. 
First, I have a video showing some features I thought were easier to show in action, complete with a demonstration from my baby sister at the end:
I believe I am going to like this sharpener because it can sharpen all sorts of pencils to a very sturdy yet long point. It sharpens pencils quickly, and you can tell when the pencil is done without peeking at because you can feel and hear when the blade stops touching the pencil. The bin that catches the shavings really catches them all, too! No mess! 
As a Kindergarten teacher - I was hoping it would be easy enough to operate so that a student could help sharpen pencils for me. This is something I would never usually allow...but I believe it is feasible with this! You saw my baby sister in the video operating the sharpener: she's only six and was able to use it after just one brief demonstration from me! Notice that she is sharpening a colored pencil - it worked just fine for that! She had already sharpened the other end...and wanted to do the other end for the video camera! 
The construction is mostly metal, which is so rare to find in this age of plastic everything. There is a little plastic, but it is rock solid. For example, I dropped the shavings bin from about 4 feet to my hard tile floors and it was totally fine! Because it is not electric, you won't have to worry about a motor burning out. Furthermore, the blade is easy to remove so if it does get gunky you can clean it off without a major disassembly project. 
In summary, and to quote my best friend who also was drawn into testing it while she sharpened over 100 pencils with it for me ...
"It's FABULOUS!!!"

Their website offers a ton of good information and videos all about the sharpener, so you'll want to go check it out. I would not hesitate to buy this now that I have tried it.
The sharpeners are only $24.99. Go check out all the other colors by clicking the button below, or share this review with some friends and persuade them to buy one too - there are discounts for buying 3+!

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-Mrs. Cobb
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