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I have been distracting myself with my new Thirty One business, which has been so fun! Check it out, by the way -- me some comment love on this post and I will choose a winner Saturday to get a discount of 15% at my Thirty-One store!!  Due to all the attention I have been giving to my Thirty One business I have been neglecting my poor lil blog here. It is fall break now and I have more time on my hands, so here we go!!

Seat Sacks

I used to go a little crazy with handling storage and organization of pencils, completed work, and library books - not to mention the alphabet strip and letter tiles for phonics. 

Solution - SEAT SACKS!!

These are simply extra large fabric stretchy book covers. I bought them for $1 at back-to-school time. 
"Bazic 8 Stretchable Fabric Book Covers Size: 8"" x 10"""
Here is what is currently in the seat sacks:
Top: Library Book, letter tiles, writing folder
Bottom: Ten Frame Mat, completed work to take home, pencil pouch (another great solution I am LOVING this year and will post about soon), and an alphabet strip.

Basically, essential daily items a kid would usually put in their desk, but I have tables.
Each table has a different color set of seat sacks, which helps with calling kids to line up, go to their seats from the carpet, and so forth. 

Storage problem solved!! :)
Try it!!

Reminder...Leave me some comment love and I will choose a winner Saturday to get a discount of 15% at my Thirty-One store!!

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