September SLANT Box Reveal!

Hello my blogging buddies!

I am excited to share with you the treats I received in September from Angie!

First, she sent me plastic poly envelopes and colorful clothespins to help with differentiating my workstations! I got the idea for color coding what tasks I want each child to do in their math workstation tubs from Marsha at A Differentiated Kindergarten. So, the poly envelopes hold materials for kids coded a certain color on the schedule chart, and there are 2-3 envelopes at each station.

I use red, yellow, and blue as my colors, so the envelopes that didn't match that just get coded with a post-it sticker dot. 

I also got some treats that reflect some of my interests - cute gifts that just make me smile! Angie and I both love to watch "Psych" - so imagine my delight with my new "psych-o" sticker and pineapple. And the cupcake bookmark...too cute!!

The cupcake is currently decorating my new Home Organizer I ordered from Thirty One. I had a Thirty One party a couple weeks ago and loved the experience so much I decided to become a consultant. There are many items that are perfect for my classroom! I'll have to blog about my pretty new bags and the Home Organizer sometime soon. :)

If you are interested in SLANT boxes, go check it out at Lessons with Coffee.

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-Mrs. Cobb
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