My Kindergarten Classroom 2013-2014

School has been in session over a month, I guess it is about time I do my classroom reveal post? 

Let's begin with some across the room views:

From the back:

From the left side:

Facing the back:

From my desk, looking toward the door leading out to the hallway.

From the doorway. Looking at student tables.

Next up, learning targets! 

Anyone else doing these now?? At first I was aggravated to have another thing to have to prep and post - but I am pretty much in love with these now! So helpful! I hung them under the front bulletin board on command strip hooks. The helper for the day puts up the Target for each lesson on my easel by the carpet.

Now some of my favorite areas:

Here is one of my favorite parts of my classroom, the Literacy and Math Workstations Pocket Chart! The pictures have dots that let the kids know what tiered materials to work on in their various stations. They are also able to be very independent about reading the chart to see where they need to go. I expand the Literacy side to "Round 1" and "Round 2" next week! 

Here is one of the Word Work stations: it's a "See - Bead - Write" activity from Marsha McGuire. You can find it on TPT - my kids LOVE it!! I am also pretty dang proud of my tackle box for the letter beads. It works beautifully!

Here is how I am storing the above center. There are different color-coded envelopes of various difficulties, and again, the kids know which one I want them to use by consulting the Workstations Pocket Chart. Differentiation for centers made easy! I love my new plastic envelopes by the way - I got them from my SLANTbox buddy for September! Thank you!!!

Here is the other word work station as well as where I store the iPads. Notice the Hot Dot Pens - these are going to be a year-long item with changing cards, I think! The kids love it! My giveaway for those ends TONIGHT by the way have you entered? Also, check out how I finally managed to add a paper with pictures of this year's kids modeling good workstation behavior.

Here are my math workstation tubs. I think I got the labels from Fran Kramer, maybe? The monsters are so cute! The blue lidded boxes are all math manipulatives. Also, peek those rainbow names on the word wall - so cute!

Here is some math! We made shape monsters! It's a glyph. Again, an idea I saw somewhere, so unfortunately I probably shouldn't throw the directions out for free. :/ I also really like my new numbers on the wall, especially the teen numbers. Got all that off tpt this summer, but can't remember from who. Holler if it was you and help me link to it! Too tired to dig for it at the moment...

 Slightly messy supply storage. I love my baskets! 

I am pushing journaling this year. So far I have writing journals for morning work and math journals that we do every single day. The math journals don't have fancy name labels - those are dollar spot name tag stickers from Target! 

My Wall of Wow. Currently featuring shape yarn art. Real nice. 

Right by the door, my transportation chart. I think I have blogged about it before...
This year I added Rit-dyed mini-clothespins in blue and green. They match pretty well I think.
You can also see our "Today's Password" sign. I usually put a sight word on it.

Below you can see the rest of the whiteboard. Right smack in the middle is more shape art. It's supposed to be houses on a waterfront made with a construction paper collage and watercolor paint. 
You can also see my writing conferencing schedule at the top right and magnets for visual directions. 
Oh, and my beloved "I need a pug!" notepad.

 To end this with something awesome - 
I had for the first time ever a kid bring in an apple for the teacher. 
:) Epic!!!

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-Mrs. Cobb
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