Opinion Writing - Pets

This past week, we were practicing writing opinion pieces with a clear topic and then the child's opinion on the topic. We read a book about a child who wanted a pet, and then wrote about pets we all would like to have. There were a lot of dog and cat papers, and then...this...
"I want a unicorn because they can fly."
I LOVE the detailed picture. It is a little fuzzy, but look at the itty bitty houses on the bottom. Brilliant!

The red stars are how I grade writing with my students. As they finish, I talk to them real quick and give them one star each for capital first letter, spacing, and punctuation. The last star right now is for stating a topic and opinion. 
I am going to post some of the opinion writing my students have done, and at my school we do commentary on each and posting a standard, task, and rubric. As a little giveaway, click below to get my opinion writing standard, task, and rubric mini-poster.

Get this by clicking HERE - you will be taken to Google Docs.
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