GA Bloggers Meet-Up!!

Hi friends!
I know, you never hear from me. I'm sorry. :( 
Last year I blamed graduate school, this year it's a new Thirty One business and Gifted Endorsement.
I still love blogging and I guarantee you I will be posting tons come summer! You know how I am!
I have a special date coming up to help get my blogging remotivated!!
My GA blogging friends, put March 22nd on your calendars! We are meeting in Macon and it'll be fantastic!!

As for how teaching is going, this year has been pretty grand! I would share more, but I have gotten so many resources, graphics, etc from other awesome teacher/bloggers that I am afraid I'd share something I shouldn't and honestly struggle to remember which idea I got where! Ah! What to do?!?
But just now, I am loving my job, my students, and those I work with.
Life's good. 
And one day I'll decide what to blog about! Ideas? Requests?

Thanks for visiting my blog!
-Mrs. Cobb
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